In Memory of

Francis Thomas Kleber

This website is a final salute to Frank Kleber, a faithful husband, loving father, proud grandfather and caring friend. It is a testament to Frank's remarkable life, his considerable accomplishments and his unselfish life of service -- service to his family, his country, his church and his community.

To keep the memories of Frank alive, is to keep him alive. He remains a part of us. His physical presence will be missed, but his legacy will live on. We loved him deeply and will cherish his memory.

Enjoy this site. It is a living memorial intended to be a celebration of Frank's life. Our goal, over time, is to weave together the many threads that made up the unique tapestry of Frank's life. You can help us by sharing special photographs or your own memories and stories about Frank and how he may have influenced or been a part of your life.

Thank you for visiting this memorial website. Frank's family and friends were his most treasured asset. Although he would be mildly embarassed by a website dedicated to his memory, he would be flattered to know how much he was revered by his family and how highly he was regarded among his friends.